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How much time do you want to improve your average 100 metres race pace by?

We've helped one of our clients improve his time by 1 minute 17 seconds over 750 metres, from him having regular 1-2-1 pool based front crawl technique lessons and Endless Pool video swim analysis at Tribal Gym in Chertsey Surrey. This has helped enable him to qualify for the Sprint Distance World Triathlon Championships in Rotterdam on 17th September 2017! A fantastic achievement! How you may ask?...with

  • Optimal pacing from regular time trials to set his "T-pace" or average 1500 metre pace

  • Correcting stroke inefficiencies with endless pool and go pro video analysis in the pool

  • Improving his rotation and power using the TechToch by Finis

  • Enhancing his catch phase mechanics using drills such as fists, alternating fists, and slowing the glide phase on entry

  • Developing a higher early vertical forearm position to push more water behind himself for the same effort

  • Better streamlining by being higher in the water, generating less turbulence, and less drag in the water

  • Providing structured training sessions for him to focus on with online training plan we designed on Training Peaks

As Mika himself says in his blog: "So far we have made decent improvements in my body positioning in the water and my upper body action has improved dramatically. I am able to now "catch" the water instead of just sliding through it and wasting all of my energy." Read more about Mika Janhunen in his blog article on Proprioceptive Swim Training here: Feeling inspired? You can learn how to transform your front crawl swimming with technique and race pace training too! Find out more here at:

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