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Would you love to learn how to swim with an effortless front crawl technique in 2023?

Held at  the Aldershot Garrison 50 metre indoor pool during Autumn and Winter, until May, then we switch to the Guildford Lidos 50 metre, 10 lane Olympic length pool from mid May 2023. Sessions are weekly at Aldershot Garrison pool from 3rd October time: 2030 to 2130 hours. 


  • Participants will improve their stamina, endurance, speed and technique for front crawl

  • Learn new tips and techniques in each session

  • Reduce stroke count by up to 10%

  • Better pacing control and awareness from structured swim sessions

  • Understand interval training and rest periods for maximum results

  • Group sessions can really help when it comes to staying motivated to achieve your fitness goals

  • The team dynamic will have you truly trying your best, which means you'll get more out of the experience, get fitter faster and reach new Pb’s

  • Training Peaks account to track and log swim sessions

  • Above all, you'll have great fun!

All of our Swim sessions are fully Risk Assessed and organised in line with our Covid safety procedures and with British Triathlon and the STA, and Guildford Lido. 

All sessions are periodised into blocks of 10 weeks according to our annual swim training plan, building structured and progressive sessions so you can see consistent results and improvement. (You can join at any time throughout the course. Please get in touch once the course has started to join though by emailing Nick on



Each session lasts for one hour and will include 5-10 minute warm up, 45-50 minutes of weekly paced interval training, according to your fitness level and 5 minute cool down with stretches. 

Each week there will be a different focus on a 4 week rolling cycle. Participants will build and improve cardio vascular fitness, lung capacity, muscular endurance, building to threshold sets by early spring. The group will focus on technique, as well as improve distance per stroke, with drills from our 10 phase method of teaching front crawl.

We are currently using Tempo trainer based sets to teach the group how to swim at a variety of different paces, and pool based open water skills and drills in these sessions, using their own personal pacing zones from regular time trials. These are adapted to suit their particular race distance. 

The aim will be to improve your strength, speed, pacing awareness, lactate tolerance, anaerobic threshold and open water skills, so you are ready for the triathlon and open water season. 

Your coach will keep a record each week of how you're doing, and the improvements you'll be making, so that you see and can track consistent progress on your technique and splits, and enjoy each session fully!

How do you know if these squad sessions are right for you?

These sessions are for intermediate swimmers who can swim in the speed range of 1:30 minutes to 2:20 minutes pace per 100 metres.

We require you to be able to swim at least 6 x 100 metres continuous front crawl with 20 seconds rest in the above pace range before booking on the course.

Examples of the types of swim sessions and technique drills we will ask you to do include:

  • Drills to improve your streamlining and reduce your resistance in the water

  • Swimming faster without a loss of technique

  • Improving your feel for the water with an enhanced catch and pull phase

  • Improved kicking technique

  • A higher body position

  • Improved stroke rate and rotation

  • Achieving a more balanced swim stroke

We also organise regular T paced threshold based swim time trials (optional) so we can benchmark your fitness levels and see how you're improving. We want to know your training/racing goals and personal best times across our set swim distances, so we can help you achieve your goals as effectively as possible!

"Joining the Speedy Swimming Tuesday sessions have been amazing back when we could swim in the pool. The sessions are great working through different elements/phases. Nick manages to concentrate on each individual and give pointers along the way. I managed to knock 20secs off my 100m. Can’t wait to get back into the pool and hit these sessions.


Nick is great at the coaching/teaching points. I have always been a confident sea swimmer but again I have learnt so much more at the sessions in Southsea, entering and exiting the water in an efficient way. Getting to know the tides and swell. I can not recommend it enough. The video analysis was pretty enlightening too and really highlights the points to focus on and the tailored drills to work this."


Our Speedy Swim groups offer a social way to build your fitness and our friendly and intuitive coaching will ensure you feel part of the club. 

Places are limited to a maximum of 12 swimmers per lane, to ensure you receive the best possible level of coaching available by our Speedy Swim coach. G​roup size wise 10-12 swimmers for a 1 hour group sessions, which works out at £14 per session, booked in a block of 10 sessions so £140 as 1 per week from the week you first purchased a block of sessions. 


Please bring your own paddles, water bottle, swim cap and goggles.


Recommended swim kit list to bring along:


Paddles, pull buoy, fins (optional) and tempo trainer / stopwatch. (A simple Casio or Timex stopwatch is a must!)


If you need any of the above swim kit before starting your session you can order via Race Zone 3 online.



Places are limited to 12 swimmers per lane per session currently.

The first set of sessions are booked in a block of 10 weeks. To continue afterwards, sessions are on a monthly subscription which is £46 per month on a standing order.

Swim entry into Guildford Lido and Aldershot Garrison is free as this is included in your payment.

We do not offer refunds if you are unable to attend for a particular week. Please see terms and conditions for more info. 

Contact Nick de Meyer for more information on 07958 635142 or email

Testimonials for squad sessions:

"I had reached a plateau in my swimming and my PB for 1,500m had stuck at 30 minutes for 6 years. After 4 of Nick's group sessions at Guildford lido I raced an Olympic distance triathlon and swam 28.04! I will definitely be signing up for the next set of lessons." Amanda

"As well as being great fun, I picked up some top tips from Nick, my favourite of which was the 3/4 catch up. Thanks to this, and other top tips including rotation, thinking more about the catch and pull phases. Nick was really quite good at explaining all the technical jargon. I recently came in as the fastest old lady swimmer at the Dock 2 Dock, and 2nd fastest crazy lady without a wetsuit.

Thanks Nick! :-)" Naomi

Swim fitness and technique squad testimonials:

I've been coached by Speedy Swimming for several years now and cannot speak highly enough of them. Have improved my pace and technique by a large degree and has also reduced stress and injuries. Sessions are fun but focussed. Have also made some great friends and both the group and Nick really kept me going through lockdown with online swim fitness and sea swimming sessions when the pools closed...much recommended!

Steve Barr - "I had a 400 metre personal best time by 30 seconds in the Hart sprint triathlon, for the first time in years, which is all down to your swimming coaching."

Kay Rolandi - "I highly recommend the video analysis with Nick de Meyer who is an Excellent Coach. I have greatly improved my stroke and times thanks to Nick."


Emma - After reducing her 1km swim time by 2.5 minutes! 

"Thanks. I was buzzing last week. I know that when I’ve done 1km in my pool it’s been 22mins to 23mins.  Maybe way back did I get 21mins something so I am super happy. Nice to see the improvements - plus I overtook which was also a goal. "


Sarah - I've reduced my stroke count by 8 strokes over 50 metres using swolf swim sets, and my 400 metre time by 10 seconds.

Sam Scott - "My 1000m time has reduced by 1 minute and 40 seconds in 2 months!"

This is from using tempo trainer based swim sets, improving their technique and personal pacing zones over the last 10 weeks.

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