Personalised Coaching Plans

What are your triathlon and swimming plans for 2020?

We are currently accepting new athlete registrations for personalised coaching and we're here to help you achieve and exceed your goals!

We'll work out where you are right now, where you want to be come race day next season and what you must improve upon to reach your target.

Your best performance is subject to planning and structuring your training sessions!

What you'll receive with personalised coaching:

Metrics Analysed:

  • Aerobic decoupling ratio

  • Intensity factor

  • Pacing

  • Power and hr analysis

  • Efficiency factor

  • Acute training load, Chronic training load and Training stress balance

  • Training stress score

  • Fatigue profiling

  • Annual Training planning of your year and events

  • Swim bike and run metrics

  • FTP for bike and running (with power meters)


Support from your qualified coach

  • Coaching phone calls to discuss your progress, your plans for the week ahead and training analysis

  • Monitoring and motivation of your sessions

  • Fast response to any questions you have about your plan via email

  • Bespoke structured daily training sessions, using the Training Peaks online coaching platform

  • Periodisation of your weeks training through different phases

  • Small manageable goals set along the way

  • Training Peaks to track and monitor your sessions and performance

Fitness tests

  • Regular fitness testing sessions to benchmark your fitness, track improvements and set training zones

  • Training and heart rate pacing zones for swimming cycling and running, and VDOT pacing for running specifically. VDOT also gives you predicted pacings for intensity and distances

  • We also calculate your power zones for cycling if you have a power meter or can train using a wattbike using regular power testing and fatigue profiling testing. We use the 20 minute FTP and Sub maximal ramp power tests for determining your functional threshold power for cycling.


​​Accessible & online plan

  • Mobile access and email reminders of workouts

Alternatively did you know you can receive all of the following monthly swim coaching from Speedy Swimming?

1. Structured periodised swim sets for your goal race distance 2. Swim drills for each phase of front crawl 3. Tempo trainer based sessions 4. Personal pacing zones 5. Technique sessions to improve your efficiency 6. A Training Peaks account and app plus sessions via email 7. Swim golf and fitness benchmarking every 4 weeks 8. 2 - 4 swim sessions a week in Training Peaks

Do you swim by yourself?

Bored of the same old sessions, or not knowing which type of sessions are best for you?

Not sure how to plan your sessions?

Which technique or stroke corrections are actually suited best for you?

Can't make our fitness and technique squad sessions or live too far away?

​Our swim monthly structured sessions can take this planning all away from you and give you the right sessions for you at the right time of year. Online using training peaks £30 a month

To find out more and how to register email Nick at or call on 07958635142


"I am fitter, thinner, healthier and stronger than I have ever been, I have lost 4Kg in weight and my body shape has changed significantly. My fitness and stamina have improved and I am now extremely confident in the water, well able to cope with the maelstrom at the start of triathlons! I have reduced my 750m sprint triathlon time by over 3 minutes, strokes per length by 10 per 50m in a faster time and I can comfortably swim well over 2.5km in the pool or open water in a respectable time without collapsing at the end!"

Interested / Intrigued...?

Does this sound of interest?

We offer a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss your goals and training requirements.

Personalised Coaching plans start at £135 per month on our Bronze plan.

Give Nick a call on 07958 635142 or email to discuss your plans and goals, and to see if we can work together. Or arrange to meet face to face if you prefer.

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