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Aerodynamic Time Trial / Triathlon Bike Fitting

What is it?

A time trialling or triathlon set up on your racing machine is all geared towards cutting down on aerodynamic drag, improving efficiency and thereby the power that you can apply to the pedals to go faster.


Whether you do triathlon from sprint to ironman distance or time trials from 10 miles to 24 hours you will see the benefits of being much more aero on your bike with a Sound Coaching Dynamic Motion Bike Fit.

Why would you need it?

  • You feel like you're not generating the power consistently that you need over long intervals

  • You get aches and pains from pushing hard

  • You're looking to improve the comfort of the bike

  • You're seeking greater efficiency and comfort for long distance time trials / triathlons

  • Your bike just doesn't feel quite right. (See here for further symptoms)



What do you receive?

  • Efficiency drills to work on your own turbo trainer

  • Biomechanical assessment

  • Flexibility assessment

  • Customised core strength and stretching exercises 

  • Aerobar set up and adjustment

  • Cleat positioning and set up

  • Optimal position based on your biomechanics

  • Full cleat set up with Lemond Wedges



Why is it different from other types of bike fits? 

  • Aero bar set up and adjustment

  • Aerodynamic Focus on reducing frontal drag

  • Option of a 20 minute power test to calculate your threshold power and watts per kg



How will it benefit you?

  • Better efficiency

  • Comfort

  • Improved power

  • Awareness of pedalling with an even power split

  • A full aero set up that it comfort and helps you to produce the maximal sustainable power output over the course of your time trial



What to bring:

  • Your cycle shoes that you use for racing

  • Cycle shorts

  • Cycle jersey

  • Bottle of water

  • Your TT Bike


How much?

  • £180

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