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What are your triathlon and swimming plans for 2022? We're here to help you achieve and exceed your goals!

We'll work out where you are right now, help you to become more efficient and on track, give you weekly and monthly targets, keep you focused, improve your technique, learn about sports nutrition, open water swim skills and drills, transitions, and training and racing tactics to perform at your best, and what you must improve upon to reach your target.

"Nick is a fantastic coach! can't recommend working with him enough!" Mat Lewis-Carter

All sessions are planned and structured using the structured workout builder in Training Peaks, which calculates the effort and intensity of your session based on a percentage of your functional threshold power, or threshold hr for cycling; pace or heart rate for running, and using pacing zones for swimming. 

What sort of performance metrics are you interested in for improving your speed, and would this be across all 3 disciplines for triathlon, or one or 2 areas in particular?  

For example:

• swimming can be improvements in average pace, reduced stroke count, optimising your stroke rate and refining your technique
• cycling - increasing your FTP, watts / kg, pedalling efficiency, hill climbing cadence and / or power split
• Running - stride length, technique and efficiency, vertical oscillation, ground reaction time, speed and pacing
• core and bodyweight strength training
• flexibility and releasing muscles so they are more active and able to produce more force over time

decoupling ratio, CTL, TSB and ATL, and TSS levels to help with structuring your annual training plan

There are a number of other areas and ways of making you faster, as I'm sure you're aware, such as increasing fat burning efficiency and fuel utilisation, endurance, muscular strength, power, and anaerobic endurance. Following a correctly periodised plan according to your chosen distance and understanding your strengths and limiters are key to building upon this with consistent training and scheduling your training into a 3 or 4 week rolling cycle with regular fitness testing.



Tough sessions but worth it

Tough sessions, but you get built up steadily to whatever your choice of distance is depending on if you're looking at triathlon or just swimming. Nick is very easy to chat to and he gives great advice if you're feeling frustrated with factors which you feel haven't gone or aren't going how you liked or expected them to. He caters to the number of hours you feel you can achieve each week, but you need to be patient if you want help to achieve your goals but he'll get you there.


Personally I've been training to complete an Ironman, although my training hasn't gone brilliantly due to extenuating circumstances occurring regularly due to work; I've tried my best to fit in the sessions as best I can with what I have at the time. You'll be very happy with the results Nick can help you to achieve, and on completing an Ironman I'm hoping to continue working with him to achieve a slot on the Team GB Age Groups for a sprint or standard distance race in either duathlon or triathlon."

Michael Clayton

I benchmark with fitness testing every 4-6 weeks with mini goals / targets during this period to keep athletes training in the right zones at the right time.  

This will all be brought together in an athlete based plan to help you achieve your training and racing goals for triathlon, as well as focusing on improving technique and efficiency in each discipline where needed. 

Your best performance is subject to planning and structuring your training sessions.

What you will receive with Personalised Coaching:

Support from Your Qualified Coach

  • Coaching phone calls to discuss your progress, your plans for the week ahead and training analysis

  • Monitoring and evaluation of your training sessions with feedback

  • Fast response to any questions you have about your plan via email


  • Bespoke structured daily training sessions, using the Training Peaks online coaching platform

  • Periodisation of your weeks training through different phases 

  • Small manageable goals set along the way

  • Training Peaks to track and monitor your sessions and performance

Fitness Tests

  • Regular fitness testing sessions to benchmark your fitness, track improvements and set training zones

  • Training and pacing zones, which can be for swimming, or swim/bike/run

  • We also do power zones for cycling if you have a power meter

​​Accessible & Online Plan

  • Mobile access and email reminders of workouts

Personalised Coaching for Triathletes and swimmers by Speedy Swimming, Surrey Triathlon Swim Coaching
Personalised Coaching for Triathletes and swimmers by Speedy Swimming, Surrey Triathlon Swim Coaching
Personalised Coaching for Triathletes and swimmers by Speedy Swimming, Surrey Triathlon Swim Coaching


We offer a 30-minute consultation to discuss your goals and training requirements.

Call Nick on: 07958 635142 or email:


Sign up here to one of our Personalised Coaching Packages below. (We do require a minimum of a 3 month commitment.)

Personalised Coaching for Triathletes and swimmers by Speedy Swimming, Surrey Triathlon Swim Coaching
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