Open Water Swim Coaching 

Have you got an open water swim or triathlon event coming up and need help to improve your technique?


Speedy Swimming has provided high quality open water swim coaching for over 15 years. We’ve coached all levels of triathletes and masters swimmers, plus many beginners.  We have a wealth of experience to impart to you and we ensure this is done in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Our ever popular lessons are full of practical tips, skills and drills to help you achieve and develop all aspects of your front crawl in open water.




Held at Sourthsea Beach in Portsmouth (from May 2021 during Summer months only), we offer one hour sessions on:

  • Bookings available by appointment only. Please get in touch first to arrange a time by emailing Nick at or get in touch at 07958635142




These sessions are for all levels of open water swimmer, from triathletes - sprint to Ironman distance and beyond, to those wanting to improve their open water skills and techniques from 750m to 14km swims. 




Each session lasts for one hour and will include acclimatisation to cold water if below 18 degrees, entry procedures into the water, followed by a 5 minute warm up and a coach analysis of your open water sighting methods.


This will be followed by an underwater stroke analysis, and teaching you the skills and drills of open water swimming as required and bespoke to your own personal skill set. Open water swim drills provided afterwards by email.

Beginners will work on:


  • Confidence

  • Cold water acclimatisation

  • Safe entry & exit procedures

  • Sighting and navigation

  • Managing your position in mass starts

  • Breathing & relaxation techniques

  • Wetsuit fitting advice and selection

  • Transition practice

  • Safety in open water

  • Transition T1 - preparation, layout of transition, kit list and wet suit

Intermediates will improve:


  • Sighting

  • Navigation

  • Intro to drafting

  • Turns around buoys

  • Crazy Ivans

  • Intermediate mass starts

  • Intro to wading techniques

  • Pacing for Open Water Swim Racing – Sprinting and threshold efforts

  • Paceline drafting techniques and practice

Advanced will perfect:


  • Drafting on feet and hip at pace

  • Horizontal sighting

  • Sea swimming technique if required

  • Roll overs

  • Faster mass starts

  • Bridging a gap

  • Break aways

  • Disorientation training

  • Beach starts

  • Dolphining and wading techniques

Coaching Prices


  • Single 1-2-1 lessons are available at £75 for one hour

  • Blocks of 5, 10 and 20 Open Water Swim lessons are available

  • 2 swimmers to 1 coach is £90 per hour plus block booking discounts are availabl

  • 3 swimmers to +1 coach is £120 per hour plus block booking discounts are available

  • Go pro open water swimming video analysis £20 per session extra


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