Road Bike Fitting

What is it?

A full biomechanical assessment of your posture and flexibility as they

relate to your cycling position.


This can be for commuting, touring, road racing or doing a sportive, all the way up to doing a multi day tour such as the Raid Pyrenean.

This will look at your efficiency, plumb line testing, fore / aft measurements, power split between left / right pedal, and address any complaints / injuries

Why would you need it?


  • Maybe you don't climb as well as you could or your friends

  • You have knee, hip or lower back pain from cycling?

  • You're suffering from tight shoulders or neck

  • You have an overuse injury you can't seem to get rid of!

  • Seeking more comfort, power, speed and efficiency


What do you receive with your road bike fitting?

  • Flexibility and a Dynamic Postural Assessment

  • Spinscan efficiency testing

  • Cleat positioning and set up

  • Optimal position based on your biomechanics

  • Efficiency drills to work on your own turbo trainer

  • Customised Core Strength and stretching exercises


Why is it different from other types of bike fits?

  • Much more about comfort

  • Reducing shock from the road

  • Setting up the handlebars and fore / aft position so you are balanced on the bike

  • Measuring efficiency and power split in more depth

  • Cleat setup is looked at in more depth

  • Option of the Look Keo cleat set up

  • Road race set up has a slightly more aggressive positioning


How will it benefit you?

  • Higher average speeds

  • Lower average heart rate

  • Better efficiency so less effort to go the same speed / same effort for faster speeds by 1-2 kph average

  • Ability to produce and utilise more power

  • Reducing aches and pains with lemond wedges

  • You'll be able to climb better

  • You'll learn how to use your hamstrings and ankling techniques for better efficiency


What to bring:

  • Your cycle shoes that you use for racing

  • Cycle shorts

  • Cycle jersey

  • Bottle of water

  • Your Road Bike


How much?

£170 plus wedges £3 each