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How much do you want to improve your swim technique and fitness? Did you know swimming front crawl i

How much do you want to improve your swim technique and fitness? Did you know swimming front crawl is all about 70-80% technique!?

Here is a video analysis comparison (from 21st August 2018 to March 2019) of a client from lessons in the endless pool.

He achieved a 30 seconds improvement in pacing per 100 metres which is excellent progress !!! His swim pace for a half ironman triathlon was 1:44 per 100 metres with a time of 32:54!

August 2018. Before:

• Legs were very low and hips as well • His stroke rate was a bit slow • The timing was out of synch for your arms and breathing • His leg kick was in-efficient • He was lifting and rolling your head and shoulders too much to breathe, whilst not driving the rotation from your hips • There was also a cross over of your hand across the midline of your body in the catch and pull phases underwater on the right arm • His arms were windmilling and lacking better rhythm and timing • He had a straight arm catch and pull phase

Find out how to transform your front crawl here:

Fast forward to March 2019:

• Much higher body position in the 2nd video • Improved and slower catch • Better purchase on the water • Holding the water throughout the stroke underwater with positive palm pitch • A higher and early vertical forearm position creating more distance per stroke • No cross over in the stroke underwater • Rotating from your hips and core on a long axis • Gliding more with a longer stroke • Better arms timing and breathing • Less drag and resistance improving streamlining

Well done you've really improved over the last few weeks, and in building your stamina up from January!

Happy triathlon swim coach!

To find out how much you can improve then sign up for a series of swim video analysis lessons in the endless pool in Chertsey here:

Nick is a level 3 British Triathlon Coach, STA level 2 Swim Teacher, Level 1 Training Peaks coach, and Training Bible coaching Master endurance coach with 25 years’ experience in triathlon, founder and Head Coach for Speedy Swimming. 07958635142

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