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Swim Core Strength Online Group Training Sessions Launch via Zoom


How are you? We hope you're coping well and managing to stay active!?

We've seen lots of fun ways people have been managing to keep swimming with paddling pools and swim tether cords. Here is one example:

However, for most of us, trying to maintain your swim fitness can be done using swim bands, core strength and bodyweight exercises so that "when we can go back in the water" (sounds a bit like a Jaws scene doesn't it!) we'll be like cows released from a barn in the alps after winter skipping and bounding to the waters edge!

The lakes rivers and beaches will hopefully be open by then, and we can go sea and river swimming to our hearts content! Until then however we need to try and maintain what we have strength and mobility wise! We all know how quickly you can lose swim fitness and the feel for the water. I've not swam in 6 weeks now, but have been using swim bands most days to try and maintain some level of fitness and swim specific strength and biomechanics.

We have a solution: Speedy Swimming Core Strength online Zoom classes!

I've been successfully running swim core and bodyweight strength classes online for the last 6 weeks with my swim squad on zoom. These have been really good fun, and a great way to stay in touch with swimmers. We use swimming bands to maintain and I'm now ready and pleased to be able this open this up a lot more to clients and other triathletes, masters and open water swimmers!

Our goals may have changed, but our mindset shouldn't! Staying healthy, active, fit and strong should be the main priority. Consistency is key with your training. We're here to help you strengthen weak muscles and lengthen out any tight muscles, so you can come back to the water stronger than before!

We don't want to lose muscle mass from not swimming, so with a combination of weight training, swiss ball exercises, swim bands and core exercises we can bridge the gap in the meantime.

A lot of swimmers and triathletes miss out the vital element of core strength training, which should be done all year around to:

  • Improve and maintain good posture

  • Reduce risk of injuries

  • Protects your back by stabilising your spine to the pelvis and ribcage

  • Can actually improve your cardio respiratory functioning

  • Enable you to produce more force from your core to movement muscles

  • Correct and improve muscle imbalances

  • Improve your ability to rotate on a long axis more effectively

  • Better efficiency of movement patterns

  • Able to maintain good technique for longer

You'll have more flexibility, and mobility, core strength and be more able to apply the power in a more efficient way!

We are also using swim training bands or cords for swim training out of the water. I've actually been using these for years with swim coaching clients and triathletes. They replicate the swim stroke underwater, work your muscles in the same way, and give your stamina a boost. Surfers actually use these all year round to maintain fitness for paddling on a surfboard.

Here is a technique guide on how to get started using swim bands:

Power stroke cord Setup • Step back with slightly soft knees • Engage your core Swim band tubing checkpoints 1. Fingertips point down 2. Straight flush wrist 3. High elbow – same height as your shoulder • Pull through • Almost a straight arm • Recover low and under shoulder Practice above techniques • Both arms • Single arms • Alternating coordinated • Varying speeds • Power push • Slow catch

Speedy Swim Online specific core and bodyweight classes timetable:

Motivation, exercise correction, strength training, fun and friendly swim strength classes!

Swim core strength classes

Monday and Wednesday mornings 9.00 -10.00 am

Tuesdays 7.30 pm

Thursdays 7.00 pm

Foam rolling and stretching class 30 mins Thursday 12.00pm

We are also looking at opening up further online classes such as trx training, cycling and running strength, and triathlon strength / core training, and swiss ball classes.

1 swim strength class a week is £40 a month, 2 classes a week are £60 a month. Drop in single class price £12. We have class passes, bundles and courses available for you all.

We're excited to announce that we've introduced a new booking system called Gymcatch to make booking and managing your fitness schedule with us easier than ever.

You can now:

  • Find, book and pay for classes and packages on iOS, Android or web.

  • Sync bookings straight to your personal calendar.

  • Optionally build a network to see what sessions your friends are going to and join them with a tap.

  • Be rewarded for your hard work with offers from great brands.

Sign up here:

Just click the link to download the app or book on web. Simply register, search for Speedy Swimming and book away in as few as 3 taps or clicks! Here is a link to our booking page on Gymcatch. Click the Book button for more info:

So grab your gym gear, a yoga mat and some light dumb bells, and swim bands if you have them. There are always alternatives for exercises.

Here is a short video explaining the booking process:

Positive motivation and coping strategies for Covig19 by Pro Triathletes, courtesy of Triathlete magazine:

  1. "Take this “challenge” and turn it into an opportunity: a chance to connect with others (from afar),"

  2. "You focus on the present and take it one thing/day at a time."

  3. "To keep your immune system strong and healthy, you must continue to exercise, get proper nutrition, hydrate, and get good sleep; nothing has changed in how you maintain good health"

  4. "remain positive"

Let me know if you're interested by emailing me at or call on 07958635142

I'm a level 3 Personal Trainer, TRX Instructor and Boxercise instructor

Let's stay healthy active and swim fit together!!

Take care


Speedy Swimming

Feel free to share my website ( and credentials with anyone you feel might be a good fit. I’ll be more than happy to schedule a complimentary call with them to explore the possibilities. It's more fun doing exercise with friends and yours are welcome to join you in our online swim strength class series!

Thank you again, and I look forward to watching your continued progress!

Nick is a level 3 British Triathlon Coach, STA level 2 Swim Teacher, Level 1 Training Peaks coach, and Training Bible coaching Master endurance coach with 25 years’ experience in triathlon, founder and Head Coach for Speedy Swimming.

He used to run bootcamps for Adventure Bootcamp for Daley Thompson (I'm sure we've all heard of him) a few years ago prior to focusing on swim technique coaching and training triathletes, masters and open water swimmers.

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