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The Freestyle Technique Improvement Specialists

Learn how to become more streamlined, improve your swim efficiency and technique, build fitness and become a speedier swimmer! 

Video comparison client before and after over 5 weeks: 

In the left video you can see one of our clients during his first session and on the right after 3 sessions, you can see huge improvements in his stroke rate, rotation and kicking.

Nick helped me across the English channel in 2019.I was hoping for 13 hours and made it in 11.44h.


I didn't think I needed any lessons. With all the drills and apparatus and focus with Nick it sure made a difference to my stroke . Video analysis every lesson ..Great place for any swimming venture

Michael Fabray

Using our 10 Phase front crawl technique methods this is a 5 week intensive front crawl technique swim course where you'll learn the most about correcting your swim stroke from the Speedy Swimming technique experts! 

We can show you real time pace improvements in the endless pool by focusing on stroke corrections and technique refinement - showing difference in pace per 100 metres. ​

What to expect:


Sessions last for one hour and will include a 5-minute warm up and a coach analysis of your front crawl stroke technique.


  • Learn how to take up to 10 seconds or more off your average 100 metres pace

  • Reduce your stroke count by up to 10%

  • Improve your distance per stroke

  • Find your optimum stroke rate

  • Learn and understand your swim pacing zones 

  • Instantaneous video playback and feedback on your front crawl stroke 

  • Pacing sets using the endless pool pace clock to focus on

  • A stroke rate test to determine your best stroke rate for your technique

  • Accurate swim pacing according to your fitness level

  • Personalised swim drills tailored specifically for you 

All sessions include emailed stroke correction, swim analysis and personalised drills.​



These sessions are for all levels of swimmers, triathletes and masters:

  • Non-swimmers wanting to learn front crawl

  • Beginners who can swim 25 metres

  • Triathletes - sprint to Ironman distance and beyond

  • To those wanting to improve their open water skills and techniques from 750m to 14km swims. 

I get a lot of value from a swim analysis video. Being able to view your flaws back with Nick is very beneficial. I got a focused improvement plan that is making a difference in my swimming.

Richard Leader

Benefits of the 5 Week Accelerator Programme:


Take advantage of all our front crawl knowledge experience and expertise with our 10 phase swim program and bespoke personalised swim drills just for you!

We'll break down your swim stroke into manageable areas to focus on, improve them with personalised swim drills, and put it all back together for a transformed front crawl technique! 

Learn how to:


  • Improve in the fastest way possible with swim video analysis and playback

  • ​Improve your distance per stroke

  • Harness the pull phase

  • Achieve an Early Vertical Forearm position

  • Understand the different power phases

  • Improve your catch phase mechanics

  • Kicking, breathing and body position fundamentals

Booking your 5 week accelerator programme couldn't be easier...

Select 5 or 10 sessions below, fill in your details and we'll contact you to organise the perfect swim video analysis programme just for you.

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