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"Nick was recommended to me and I came to him in a panic. In 4 weeks I had to swim a 1.9k Half Ironman swim leg, besides my best training efforts I could only complete a continuous 150m at any one time. Swimming was an endless, slow, painful struggle. Swimming a mere 300m in open water took 16minutes with regular stopping and was exhausting.

During my 6 months of training, I had read every swim magazine, youtube video and studied pro footage online for hours to try and improve my swim. I wasn’t improving, I couldn’t swim longer than 150m without rest, and there was no chance I would make the cutoff at my ironman 70.3 in 4 weeks.

I remember Nick’s warm smile as he said “Right…..a few things, let’s break them down one by one…” It turned out everything was wrong with my stroke, and a ‘few things' meant everything.

After one session with Nick, my confidence soared. He followed up our session with further tips and was kind enough to share some great information from his book. I following the specific drill patterns and sets he recommended in the pool across 3 pool swims.

14 days after my session with Nick, I returned to the open water where previously I struggled to swim 100m consistently, and battled the 300m loop with rests. Without much thinking I swam a consistent 1.5k in 28 minutes. Heck! I would have swam another 750m too if the lake wasn’t closing soon.


I was very nervous about the coaching thing, but couldn't be more pleased. I wouldn't have made it.


90 minutes with Nick has been the best investment I have made in triathlon. You've improved my swim by at least 75%. Thanks." Tim Dayman


"I had a series of swimming lessons with Nick in late 2013 early 2014 working on my swimming technique. My freestyle stroke was too deep and Nick showed me how to use my forearm as a paddle with high elbows, then we worked on body rotation using Finis swim aids, he helped me cure my scissor kick caused by my arms crossing over the centre line. I found it hard to completely empty my lungs under water so Nick set exercises where I breathed out and sank to sit on the pool floor.


Sometimes he advised me from the poolside, at others he swam alongside under water so he could see exactly what I was doing.


After each session he sent me a summary of the good and bad (no holds barred!), and photos and descriptions of best practice for the aspects we had worked on. My bad stroke was the result of many years of doing it wrong and changing it was hard for me but Nick was patient and encouraging." Robert Stevenson


"Just wanted to say thanks for today, I thought the swim clinic was excellent and feel that it has greatly benefited my swimming. Looking forward to continuing to improve my swim stroke."


"Many thanks for a really great training day. 


You've clearly given the planning and structure a lot of thought, it was slick but accessible. 


I am very tired, my brain is a fuzz, but I am now aware of the starting points for me to make some technique improvements. Having the video feedback was invaluable. And I really appreciated too going through the CSS session to understand better how to make speed and endurance improvements over time. A great combination of sessions." 


"Nick, you're a genius swim coach. Put some of your suggestions from the weekend and from your book into practise in the pool tonight. Such a difference. My 400m time has gone from 11.30 to about 9 mins 1k from about 29 to about 25mins and I ended up doing 1500m in 39mins.


Happy me. Feels like a "Eureka" week! Your "reaching over a barrel" drills and speeding up the 2nd half of the push phase, and rotating more from my trunk made a massive difference!  THANKS NICK." Marianne Naylor


"Nick's training methods and approach to swim training enabled me and all of the other members of our triathlon club to reduce our 400m time trial times." Richard Wild


"Nick ran the swim sessions for David Lloyd Triathlon club for 6 months in that time he consistently applied his training methods and approach to swim training that enabled me and all of the other members of the tri club to reduce our 400m time trial times. More than that his sense of humour made these sessions enjoyable and the hour in the water fly by!

I can highly recommend him as a trainer/coach, you wont be dissapointed. " John Leysen


"Having previosly had minimal exposure to swimming (as a beginner in triathalon training), I first utilised Nick's services last year as a swim coach to take me to the next level of fitness and technique so I could compete with confidence and good results. I have moved up in my category from bottom 15% to top 30%. He shows patience and has a great ability to make quick...more." Tony Cook


"Thanks for the day Sunday. Very informative and I know I have done something different as my shoulder blades ache today! I had a bit of a light bulb moment just now thinking about the catch and pull and I realise I haven't been pulling and recovering properly! I was practising high elbows yesterday but I now know I wasn't pushing and recovering."


"I am a natural runner but I wanted to begin competing in Triathlons. I was a novice in the pool and struggled to swim 25m front crawl. I decided I needed some swim lessons and I met Nick.


He was able to observe my style ( or lack of it) and suggest drills using swim aids to help me improve.


Between lessons I practised both in the pool and open water and within a short time I swam 750m in open water as part of my first Triathlon in September 2016 and actually loved it.


Nick is an excellent swim teacher who has inspired me to keep practising to improve."


"I'm a big fan of SpeedySwimming having had great teaching from Nick de Meyer last year.


I famously did a half ironman in 2015 with a GPS reading of 2400metres- i.e. I swam 500 metres too far!!! Suffice to say my sighting and direction was pretty awful!


So, with Ironman Mallorca scheduled for September 2016, I had weekly 1:1 lessons with Nick during the Spring and Summer of 2016. Nick broke my stroke down and then rebuilt it bit by bit.


The lessons were great -with Nick beside you in the pool which I found far more useful than having a coach on poolside. Few coaches do this - a real plus.


Through the lessons my front crawl improved no end and I completed my 3800metres (not a metre more!) in 1hr 21 and importantly left me with enough energy to go and complete my full Ironman in 11:34.


So, highly recommend lessons with Nick" Sion Gibby

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