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We have over 10 years of experience teaching and correcting front crawl technique using Swim Video Analysis in an endless pool for triathletes and open water swimmers.

We have the know-how you need.

Held at an endless pool in Ripley, Surrey, our swim video analysis sessions for adults, are a fantastic way to correct your technique and enable you to achieve your potential!

Have you ever wondered how you can manage to swim faster for front crawl? If you'd like to learn what's holding back your front crawl, then our swim video analysis is an excellent method of visually seeing and correcting your technique.


Using our coaching expertise, we'll teach you how to swim more efficiently with less effort.

Location: Ripley Surrey GU23 6LJ

Availability: Monday afternoons, Wednesday & Fridays from 10am to 5pm

Speedy Swimming - Video Analysis Discovery Sessions offer a great introduction and first steps to transfoming your front crawl

Stage 1 - Discovery Swim Video Analysis Session

Have you ever tried a swim video analysis?

Our Discovery Swim Video Analysis Sessions offer a great introduction and first step towards:

  • Correcting your front crawl swim technique

  • Learning which stroke corrections to apply

  • Integrating your personalised swim drills to muscle memory

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Speey Swimming - 5 Week Accelerator Proramme. Track your front crawl improvements with before and after video playback analysis

Stage 2 - 5 Week Accelerator Programme

This is a 5 week technique improvement course, following after your Discovery Session

Do you want to increase your distance per stroke and stroke efficiency speed and stamina?

  • Track improvements with before and after video playback analysis

  • Develop your swim efficiency

  • Learn how to correct your swim stroke

  • Coaching that encourages you at every stage of your swim training

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Speedy Swimming - Monthly Subscription Swim Lessons. Are you ready to transform your front crawl and swim more efficiently?

Stage 3 - Monthly Subscription Swim Lessons

Are you ready to transform your front crawl and swim more efficiently?

  • Once or twice a week coaching options

  • Structured training sessions

  • Monthly before and after swim video playback to track your progress

  • Fitness and technique sessions to ensure you're improving and achieving your goals

  • Option of combining with swim core strength or personal training

  • Reserves and guarantees your weekly swim slot

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