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Week 8 SWOLF and Swim metrics - what are they?

This is Week 8 of our front crawl technique correction series: Swolf and swim efficiency

If you're not measuring or assessing you're guessing!

The following swim metrics are a good idea to have on your watch:

  1. Interval Swolf

  2. Average swolf

  3. Pace per 100m

  4. Distance

  5. Stroke count per length

  6. Stroke rate

  7. Average pace

  8. Lap last pace

  9. Elapsed time

  10. Last lap distance

  11. Interval time

  12. Interval strokes / length

  13. Average strokes / length

Swolf is for reference the number of strokes per length added to the time. The aim is to reduce the overall number over a set interval distance. A goal for stroke count per 50 metres is 45 - 55. A guide for stroke rate per minute is 55-65 (both arms), your watch will probably record just one arm ie the watch side.

For more information and to continue reading about this check out our recent blog post article here:

Here are a couple of articles from my blog if you want to read more...

Focusing on improving your core driven body rotation which will help to make you more streamlined in the water, engage your more powerful core and hip muscles, and make your body cut through the water more like a speedboat with its V-shaped hull!

The result equals less drag and resistance and more distance per stroke which is great = more efficiency and lower stroke counts. We'll be checking stroke counts per length a lot over the next few weeks, and at the start and end of the rotational drills series this evening.

We can help you understand and improve your pacing using your own swim zones, optimise your stroke rate and correct stroke flaws that occur when you get fatigued.

This will help you to limit your pace drifting slower over distance!

This will include a:

• Fitness test to determine your own personal pacing zones • Front crawl stroke analysis • Personalised swim drills • A personal and progressive plan to build your race distance speed and pacing using the tempo trainer

Join our Tempo trainer reduction plan swim plan online using Training Peaks

Learn how to understand intuitively your swim pacing better at different intensities and use training zones more effectively for increased speed using a tempo trainer

A swim training plan with sessions on Training Peaks plus a tempo trainer pacing reduction plan over 10 weeks.

​What you'll receive:

A Basic Training peaks account for your training sessions and device uploads from your watch (you can upgrade to a premium account if you wish)

  • An online excel spreadsheet explaining how your pacing will be reducing fractionally each week over a number of weeks and at which intensity according to your chosen event distance

  • An Annual Training plan on Training Peaks to log your events

  • Device uploads from watches such as Garmin, Polar, Coros, Wahoo, Suunto etc into your swim training peaks sessions

  • Accurate training zones from a recent fitness swim threshold test to set your training zones within training peaks

  • 3-4 Structured swim sessions a week based on your pace as a percentage of your threshold pace

  • Coach hotline for any questions

  • Information on how to set up and use your Tempo trainer to its best ability

  • Included in the swim monthly coaching plan will be the following:

  • Tempo trainer stroke rate testing

  • Swolf and stroke counting testing

  • Pacing sessions using a tempo trainer

  • Personalised swim drills from your latest swim lesson check up

  • A Training Peaks basic (free) account to log and keep track of all your training sessions

  • Swim sessions per week according to your personal skill set, pacing zones



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