Congratulations for embarking on your personal challenge to become a faster, technically more proficient, more efficient and speedier athlete!


Let us take the guesswork out of your training. Use a training plan designed by Nick de Meyer, Level 3 British Triathlon Coach and Training Bible Master Endurance Coach, who has helped hundreds of triathletes and swimmers to improve their race times.


Each training plan will build you up to reach a new personal best and is designed to help you achieve your training and racing goals.


Coaching client testimonial: "Hi Nick, Last Sunday I had my race and it went perfect! 1st place! That was great! :-)"

What You Will Receive With Your Endurance Training Plan:


Training Plan

  • In depth daily workouts using the Training Peaks online coaching platform.


Fitness Tests

  • Monthly time trials to benchmark your progress and set training zones.


Support From Your Qualified Coach

  • Monitoring and motivation of your sessions


​​Accessible & Online Plan

  • Mobile access and email reminders of workouts.

Online Plan Resources

  • Guidelines for schedule changes, race week, race and training nutrition, swim drills, articles and much more.


Coaching Hotline

  • Fast response to any questions you have about your plan via email.



  • Over 20 years extensive experience of triathlon and coaching of athletes in endurance sports.

What's Popular Right Now:

Open Water Swimming Training Plans

Open Water Technique Endurance Training Plans for All Levels by Speedy Swimming, Surrey Triathlon Swim Coaching



These plans are for triathletes wanting to improve triathlon swim times via pool based sessions. They focus on your technique to build efficiency and a smoother stroke, with a different stroke phase focus every 4 weeks, regular fitness testing, and core strength sessions.​ (The time trial times are your current fitness level).


Open Water Endurance Training Plans by Speedy Swimming, Surrey Triathlon Swim Coaching

Intermediate skills and race plans

Use these swim training plans to build speed by adding race-pace workouts into the mix and get faster quickly. They combine pace control and awareness sessions, technique, open water skills, with sighting, navigation and mass start simulations. You'll also complete anaerobic threshold preparation for speed and power.


Open Water Endurance Training Plans for All Levels by Speedy Swimming, Surrey Triathlon Swim Coaching

Long Distance

Use these training plans to build distance and swim endurance, by adding open water skills sessions to improve your pacing and fatigue resistance, with endurance paced sets, and technique focussing on all 5 phases of your front crawl stroke. 


Triathlon Training Plans 

Sprint Triathlon Training Plans for All Levels by Speedy Swimming, Surrey Triathlon Swim Coaching


Choose one of these sprint triathlon training plans to take you all the way to completing your first sprint triathlon, or to follow on from your first triathlon adding more race specific fitness sessions with the intermediate plan. Both plans are designed to improve your muscular strength and anaerobic fitness by adding race-pace workouts into the mix so you can go faster, whilst becoming more efficient and improving lung capacity.