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How are you getting on with your swimming technique & training in the winter months?

How are you getting on with your swimming technique and base building work over the winter months?

We have a couple of solutions which may be able to help you with your 2018 training and racing goals...

I know it can be tough mentally for focus and motivation this time of year, especially as there's no swim / triathlon events from October to May really, unless you're a hardy cold-water swimmer

However, it’s not all doom and gloom as the days are getting lighter, and the open water season starts in 10-12 weeks!

Therefore, you need to think how you're going to be transferring your base work and drills you've been practising.

(You have been practising since I saw you last haven't you!?)

  • Should you be using paddles for force training now and how much?

  • How much strength training is enough and what’s the best rep range for endurance swimmers?

  • How far should you be swimming in each session based on your 2018 goal?

  • What is your personal threshold pace and swim training zones?

  • Are you using a stopwatch or tempo trainer effectively for improving your pacing and aerobic fitness?

  • How often do you practice your open water sighting and is it like the image below?

We can help provide you with some swim session structure and intervals based on your pacing, give you a short and medium-term goal focus, whether that be for improving your technique, increasing your speed and efficiency, and offer you fitness and swolf tests to benchmark your technique and give you some motivation!

Try this Swolf swim efficiency set to check your pacing, distance per stroke and stroke count, then add your results in our Speedy Swimming SWOLF google sheet.

Here is a link to my latest blog post on how to do long doggie paddle for better front crawl stroke awareness, which hopefully you may find of interest, or a friend if you think they would like to have it forwarded on...

Here is the youtube link to the video for long doggie paddle technique. Watch closely.

Referral link offer!

Recommend Speedy Swimming to your swim / triathlon friends and when they book you'll be entitled to a 10% discount off your next swim technique or endless pool lesson.

If you are kind enough to refer 3 people to us, who then sign up for some lessons (5 or 10 in a block) you'll be entitled to receive a free pool-based swim lesson!

As well as 121 pool technique lessons and Endless pool video analysis sessions now, we'll also be doing open water 121 coaching at Thorpe lake from May, and group sessions at Guildford Lido from May too

Happy swimming and hope to see you soon!

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