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Do you feel like you're literally being pulled backwards with your leg kick?

Do you feel like you're being pulled backwards with your leg kick?

Do you feel like your kicking is literally pulling you backwards and affecting your body position?

This isn't uncommon when you're learning front crawl, your leg kick should be 90% straight, and from the hips with a slight hip rotation element.

There are a number of types of kick that we see with beginners, which can affect body position, and use too much oxygen instead of feeding it to your arms and upper body for a more efficient and effective front crawl technique.

Particularly if you're just do a kicking set with a kick board!

Find out how to save your leg strength for the bike and run disciplines, and gain extra oxygen to use for your upper body with a more efficient kick.

Some examples of poor kicking technique we can help you rectify are:

  • Bending your knees too much up and back pulling water backwards

  • Pulling your knees forwards and underneath you

  • Scissor kicking wide and open - - usually resulting from your arms crossing over the mid-line of our body at some point

  • Have inflexible ankles which flick water in the opposite direction

  • Do a wide parachute style kick - this literally puts the brakes on and tires your legs out

  • Have a "runners" fast and frenetic kick where you legs look like they're trying to work as hard as when you run

  • Kicking too deep so you use too much oxygen!

We'll help you to overcome this bad habit and have you kicking properly and more from your hips and glutes in no time!

Book up a block of 5 x 1-2-1 pool based swim lessons with Speedy Swimming head coach Nick in and around Guildford / Epsom areas to learn how to start swimming faster and more effectively!

Or if you prefer book an Endless pool video analysis session with us in Chertsey so you can see and learn from video playback

Learn how to kick fluidly for effortless balance and propulsion with our series of kicking drills.

This is an excellent example of a good and efficient kicking technique

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It's time to transform your front crawl technique!

South West London and Surrey Triathlon Swim Coaching

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