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Push phase drills drills series

10cm per stroke = 60 seconds over 1500m, and 2.5 mins over 3.8km

This is Week 4 of our front crawl technique correction series: Push phase

The push phase starts from the point where your hand is in line with your waist to where your arm is fulling extended with your thumb reaching as far down your thigh as you can

Push phase – video of Roland and paul front side and rear angles

The push stage of your stroke is where the majority of your forward momentum is generated and is the most dynamic phase of the stroke. When performed correctly this will provide you with a longer and more balanced stroke

At the start of the push phase your 'paddle' (which is the area running from your elbow to your finger tips) is at a position where it is fully engaged with the water allowing its full face to be pushed.

The real acceleration in the stroke starts from this position. Increase the speed and pressure against the water with your "Paddle". Your elbow and hand now start sweeping in towards your belly button, as you roll onto your side more.

Your paddle now sweeps out towards your thigh, and accelerates as your arm becomes straighter. Apply increasing pressure on the water to create forward propulsion. Continue with the rolling action from your hips / trunk as your hand sweeps past the top of your thigh.

To maximise the push phase of the stroke it is important that your hand continues beyond the top of your thigh. Make sure your hand is perpendicular to your hip as you finish the stroke.This generates the most power in this phase of the stroke.

By focusing on the following drills and above technique, you will improve your distance per stroke, overall stroke efficiency, and reduce your stroke count per length

Swim Drills to enhance the Push Phase

The following swim drills are designed to encourage the correct push technique and will encourage you to finish the complete stroke.

Touch thigh drill

Continue performing the push until your arm is almost straight and your hand is next to your thigh. Ensure that your thumb touches your thigh as your hand sweeps past, whilst remaining perpendicular to your leg. This will encourage you to finish the stroke

Power Push Drill

Once your 'paddle' is at 90 degrees to your shoulder, your arm speed changes, and accelerates all the way from your shoulder until your arm is almost straight. You should feel your triceps muscle engaging in the back of your arm when performing this correctly. The push phase of the stroke is where the most power and forward propulsion are generated, and this will enhance other phases in the stroke.


Try to count your strokes over 4 lengths and then find the average, then for a further 4 lengths try and reduce this by 1-2 strokes by using these drills to help lengthen your stroke.

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