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NEW Squad schedule available - Strengthen your swim technique with new drills, structured sessions a

Due to the popularity of our Squad Sessions, we're excited to announce our Squad will continue throughout the autumn/winter in Aldershot!

Held at Aldershot 50 metre, eight lane Olympic length pool

Tuesdays at 8.30pm, starting on 2nd October 2018


  • Participants will improve their stamina, endurance and speed for front crawl

  • Learn new tips and techniques in each session

  • Group sessions can really help when it comes to staying motivated to achieve your fitness goals

  • The team dynamic will have you truly trying your best, which means you'll get more out of the experience, get fitter faster and reach new Pb’s

  • Above all, you'll have great fun!

All sessions are periodised into blocks of 10 weeks according to our annual swim training plan, building structured and progressive sessions so you can see consistent results and improvement.

What will we be focusing on?

With the triathlon racing and open water swimming season finishing in October 2018 (apart from ice swimming) we'll be following a structured periodisation method, with the first month being purely technique, taking all the intensity and the high end volume training out of the swimming plan.

This will give your body a chance to recover from the harder training, whilst we break down your swim technique, focus on any aspects that need improving and put it back together more efficiently!

In November we'll start to prepare you for the base building phase of training.

How will we be doing this?

Using our expert analysis methods and knowledge we'll help you to:

  • Eliminate excess drag and resistance

  • Help you to become more streamlined

  • Increase your distance per stroke

  • Reduce your stroke count by up to 10%,

  • Improve your stroke efficiency (SWOLF score)


Each session lasts for one hour and will include 5-10 minute warm up, 45-50 minutes of weekly paced interval training, according to your fitness level and 5 minute cool down with stretches.

Each week there will be a different focus on a 4 week rolling cycle. Participants will build and improve cardio vascular fitness, lung capacity, muscular endurance, building to threshold sets by early spring. The group will focus on technique, as well as improve distance per stroke, with drills for the 6 phases of front crawl.

How do you know if these squad sessions are right for you?

These sessions are for intermediate swimmers who can swim in the speed range of 1:30 minutes to 2:15 minutes pace per 100 metres.

We require you to be able to swim at least 6 x 100 metres continuous front crawl with 20 seconds rest in the above pace range before booking on the course.

There's 12 places available, so sign up while you still can!

For more info see the Eventbrite link below:

Image courtesy of Finis

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