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How balanced and efficient is your Front Crawl swim stroke?

Try this session and find out!

Swolf & Stroke Efficiency Set

Warm up

8x25m FC 50 FC 3/4 catch up 2x25 FC Single arm 50 BC

Main Set

Session Aim : Improving Feel for the water

- Sculling 4x25m window wipers in catch phase - 100m Front crawl underwater doggie paddle with PB (pull buoy) focus on catching the water at the front end at 15 cm hand depth, pay particular attention when breathing to side 30 rest

- 100m Underwater doggie paddle Front crawl no Pull Buoy same focus

SWOLF Swim Efficiency test

50 FC counting strokes 50 FC stroke count minus 1 50 FC stroke count -2 50 Stroke count -2 but faster

50 BC

2x50 FC Bilateral every 3 40 rest

Swim golf

4x 50m FC 20 rest

Count your strokes and time the 50m. Add the 2 together. Try and hold the cumulative number of strokes and time over the course of the 4 x 50 m FC

Single Arm balance test

Count strokes on each side and time yourself over 25 or 50 metres. Note the difference.

50m single arm Left passive arm in front 50m single arm Right passive arm in front 50m FC normal

Cool down

200m mix of Breast stroke, Back Crawl, Front crawl and kicking

We use a bank of over 80 front crawl swim drills plus about another 20 for open water to correct our clients technique and swim stroke, and a matrix for swim corrections with drills.

These are broken down into 2 levels over the following 10 phases of front crawl as in our Speedy Freestyle swim drills book (being updated currently)

Breathing, Entry, Catch, Pull, Push, Recovery, Streamlining, Kicking, Sculling and Rotation.

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Nick is a level 3 British Triathlon Coach, Level 1 Training Peaks coach, and Training Bible coaching Master endurance coach with 25 years experience in triathlon.

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