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8 week speedy swimming technique builder training plan

Looking for a new training plan for your swimming?

Why not try one of our swim coaching plans on Training Peaks?

In this 8 week technique builder front crawl swim plan you'll work through swim sessions focusing on specific areas of front crawl each week. In week 2 and week 8 you'll do a swim golf or swolf swim efficiency test, and a 400 metre time trial to benchmark your fitness and skill levels.

Each week will then progress you through session on the following phases:

  1. Entry

  2. Catch

  3. Pull

  4. Push

  5. Recovery

  6. Rotation

Also included in the plan are 2 TRX Suspension training workouts each week for the duration of the plan, designed specifically to improve your core strength and body weight strength for swimming Click the link below to find out more and to sign up:

This swim plan is designed by Nick de Meyer, Head coach for Speedy Swimming, (BTF level 2, STA, Master endurance coach Training Bible UK) who specialise in teaching triathletes and swimmers.

This plan encapsulates all of Nicks training, racing and coaching experience of many open water triathlons, Ironman triathlon events, his swim skills and drills teaching methods and from completing the Dart 10km Swim in Devon. Purchase of this plan includes our comprehensive Swim Training Guide, which explains how to use your training plan, including swim drills and open water articles, plus email access to Nick at any time for questions that you may have about this plan. Once you have signed up we will email you the Description Document. Questions?

Please visit us on the web at or email Nick directly at:

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