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Swim Prehab Exercise 1: TRX Swimmers Pull

This exercise forms the first part of the Speedy Swimming Prehab strength training series for swimming

Do you expect the best from your body and your swimming?

In swimming front crawl, our arms are moving in a forward motion constantly, and this exercise is excellent at maintain good posture, scapular position and enabling more force to be applied through the upper body from better scapular control and shoulder stability. You'll be targeting your rhomboids and lower trapezius and rotator cuff muscles.

The TRX Swimmers Pull exercise is brilliant for engaging your core, rear delts, and the big powerful latissimus pulling muscles used for swimming! Keep your arms straight throughout, and chest lifted, retracting the shoulder blades to finish. This is hard to do properly yet is very effective!

This will work the muscles around your shoulder blades. Lower back under control to the start position and repeat 10-15 times at a tempo of 3 seconds in, hold 1 second, and 3 seconds out.

Nick your Head Coach at Speedy Swimming, has been using and teaching clients how to train on the TRX for 10 years now, and was one of the first qualified TRX Instructors in the UK.

We have been teaching TRX and Triathlon for 10 years and are front crawl technique swimming experts. Based at the TRIBAL Gym and Endless Pool in Chertsey Surrey for TRX Training for Swimmers and Triathletes.

To find out more about personal training and endless pool swim analysis get in touch below: 07958635142

It's time to transform your front crawl technique!

South West London and Surrey Triathlon Swim Coaching

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