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Week #7 - How do you improve your core driven rotation?

This is Week 7 of our front crawl technique correction series: Building Hip driven long axis body rotation

Do you need to improve your core driven rotation?

The 6 kicks on your side followed by 3 strokes drill or 6/3/6 helps with rotation, balance and streamlining.

Rotate your body on a long axis from your head to feet, driving this movement from your trunk and hips.

Breathe only once after each 3rd stroke, then drop back into your side-kick position for another 6-10 kicks.

Keep finding your correct side balance point immediately after each stroke & breath, and stay kicking in balance for at least 6 kicks before stroking again.

Do this drill for 50-100m x4 with 30 seconds rest

You may find fins help, although its best to do the drill without them if you can.

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This is called core driven rotation on a long axis, effectively swimming through a narrow tube of horizontal water reducing drag and resistance.

If you're not swimming as in the video then one of the following could very well be happening:

• Turning your head to breathe and lifting your body

• Rolling your shoulders first

• Lead arm dropping affecting balance

• Over rotating to breathe

• Uneven bodyroll to one side

• Dropping your elbow in the catch phase

• Legs and hips too low

All of these will negatively affect your body position and balance in the water, therefore increasing drag and resistance, and resulting in creating turbulence, making it harder to swim.

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