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New Course: Weekly Improver level front crawl technique squad sessions at Guildford Lido 27th May

Are you struggling to swim beyond 50-100 metres front crawl due to running out of oxygen, excess fatigue and being in oxygen debt?

From Thursday 27th May we will be running a Weekly Improver level front crawl technique squad sessions at Guildford Lido. To be in the mix your pace range will be between 2:15 - 3:00 per 100 metres average or 67 to 90 seconds per 50

Starting Thursday 27th May 2021 1830 - 1930

As an improver level front crawl swimmer, you may struggle to swim beyond 100 metres before your form and technique breaks down, or you run out of breath, ie are gasping or in oxygen debt

Water is 1000 times denser than air, and when swimming you're breathing half as much as when on land. To swim twice as fast in the water you would need to expend 4 times the amount of energy which isn't sustainable. Every action in swimming has an equal and opposite reaction - what does all this mean and how does it translate into improving your front crawl technique?

If your technique isn't quite right, or body position or breathing incorrect, then you are probably wasting valuable energy and oxygen fighting the water, and moving it in ways that are not necessarily propelling you forwards in the most effective and efficient way! You need to learn how to use the water to your best advantage, switch any power you have down or off a bit for now, and focus on learning how to swim more efficiently, with a lower stroke count, more optimal stroke rate, and increasing your distance per stroke whilst all the while this is allowing you to swim further with more ease!

These sessions will focus predominantly on improving your body position and technique and helping you past the 50m, 100 or 200 metre barrier for front crawl

You should be able to swim 50 metres front crawl in one go, between 67 and 90 seconds

Using our tried and tested methods of teaching and extensive swim drills and stroke corrections, we will help you to swim more comfortably, with less effort, in a more relaxed and comfortable way, and teach you how to breathe easier and better!

You'll be learning how to improve your distance per stroke, reduce drag and resistance, improve streamlining and swim more efficiently without wasting energy!

Weekly swim technique and correction sessions for front crawl starting on Thursday 27th May from 1830 to 1930 for

Improver level front crawl swimmers

Body Position fundamentals:

  • Breathing

  • Kicking

  • Breathing timing

  • Improving stroke rate per minute

  • Improved stroke count per length

  • Arms timing

  • Rhythm and timing

  • Reducing drag and resistance

  • Improving body rotation and drive from hips

  • Improving streamlining

Sign up here and for more information:


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