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Join our new Speedy Swimming Monthly Swim Training Peaks Membership 

What you'll receive:

  • Your weekly swim sessions are delivered straight to your inbox, or phone within the Training Peaks app and your Training Peaks account

  • A Basic Free Training peaks account for your training sessions and device uploads from your watch (you can upgrade to a premium account if you wish)

  • Fitness testing every 4-6 weeks – CSS 400m + 200m TT / T pace 1000m TT, swim ramp test 10 x 100m, 5 x 300m @ T pace Your choice of one of our online Training Peaks swim training plans from here: TP Plans

  • A dynamic or cohort based Training plan targeting your A event or training distance event or our pace based Transform your front crawl technique in 12 weeks plan

  • A tempo trainer pacing online excel spreadsheet explaining how your pacing will be reducing fractionally each week over a number of weeks and at which intensity according to your chosen event distance

  • Open water swim skills drills and technique based sessions included during open water season

  • Training zones updated regularly

  • Your own weekly personal front crawl technique swim drills series from 121 lessons or the squad or uploaded swim video analysis session

  • An Annual Training plan on Training Peaks to log and categorise your training and events into A, B and C events / races

  • Structured swim training sessions according to your current Lactate threshold T pace test results

  • Regular swim fitness testing for accurate training zones checked and tested every 4-6 weeks

  • Accurate training zones from a recent fitness swim threshold test to set your training zones within training peaks

  • Pool length adjustment in Training Peaks settings

  • Improver, Intermediate or Advanced level swimmers

  • 2-3 Structured swim sessions a week based on your pace as a percentage of your threshold pace

  • TRX and core strength sessions each week

  • Coach hotline for any questions

  • Information on how to set up and use your Tempo trainer to its best ability

  • Tempo trainer stroke rate testing

  • ​Training zones updated regularly

  • Swolf and stroke counting testing

  • Pacing sessions using a tempo trainer

  • Personalised swim drills from your latest swim lesson check up

  • Swim sessions per week according to your personal skill set, pacing zones

For more info and to sign up for our swim monthly coaching membership plan click here:

What you'll also receive:

  1. 10% off swim video analysis

  2. Personalised swim drills with video analysis

  3. Coach hotline

  4. Daily emails of your sessions

  5. Email support

  6. 10% off swim analysis clinics

  7. Online swim video analysis options

  8. 15% of all Race zone 3 equipment and wetsuits

To find out more and how to register email Nick at or call on 07958635142

Nick is a level 3 British Triathlon Coach, STA level 2 Swim Teacher, Level 2 Accredited Training Peaks coach, NOWCA & STA Level 2 Open Water swim coach, and Training Bible coaching Master endurance coach with 25 years’ experience in coaching and racing in triathlons and open water swimming events, He is the founder and Head Coach for Speedy Swimming.


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