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Have you ever wondered

how to improve your

front crawl out of the water?

Using swim bands for focusing on improving your swim strength and catch phase bio mechanics can really help!


You'll feel your swimming muscles firing and working better without having to think about your breathing and body position fundamentals like you would in the water.

This means you can actually focus more on the dynamics of the front crawl stroke.

Swim bands can be used for: 

  1. Fitness

  2. Technique


Why do you need this Ebook? 


Plus you'll receive:


  • 5 swim band workouts

  • Tips and advice

  • Swim drills you can use with swim bands

  • Swim band tubing check points

  • A Core strength fitness test


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Add more speed, power and stamina to your front crawl! Improve your technique, pacing, reduce your stroke count by up to 10%, and your stroke efficiency (SWOLF score)!



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