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Have you ever tried a Discovery Swim Video Analysis Session?

Have you ever tried a Discovery Front Crawl Swim Video Analysis Session?

​Our Discovery Swim Video Analysis Sessions offer a great introduction and first step towards:

• Correcting your front crawl swim technique

• Learning which stroke corrections to apply

• Integrating your personalised swim drills to muscle memory

• Instantaneous video playback and feedback on your front crawl stroke

• Pacing sets using the endless pool pace clock to focus on

• A stroke rate test to determine your best stroke rate for your technique

• Accurate swim pacing according to your fitness level

• Personalised swim drills tailored specifically for you All sessions include emailed stroke correction, swim analysis and personalised drills.


Until the end of September 2022 in addition to a free training peaks account for your swim coach to add in your personalised swim drills into your weekly training plan, we'll also be adding in a 6 week tempo trainer pacing and technique training plan based on our Monthly swim training

Included in the swim monthly coaching plan will be the following:

  1. Tempo trainer stroke rate testing

  2. Swolf and stroke counting testing

  3. Pacing sessions using a tempo trainer

  4. Personalised swim drills from your latest swim lesson check up

  5. A Training Peaks basic (free) account to log and keep track of all your training sessions

  6. Swim sessions per week according to your personal skill set, pacing zones


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