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Week 2 - How to Improve your Catch phase technique series

This is Week 2 of our front crawl technique correction series:

The catch phase starts from the point your hand starts to move backwards and down in the stroke after the entry phase, to the point where your forearm is in line with your shoulders.

AHow do you define and improve your catch phase for front crawl. Is it one or all of the following:

1. A feel for the water?

2. When it all feels right?

3. Holding the water

4. A purchase on the water

When you perform the catch phase correctly then you'll be effectively pulling more water past you, and have a higher distance per stroke, using the large back muscles your latissimus dorsi, and holding a higher purchase on the water.

5 Top tips to improve your front crawl catch

1. Keep your lead arm up high in the water on entry

2. Reach over a barrel and push it behind you

3. Pivot at the elbow keeping upper arm up high

4. Perform the catch slower than the rest of the underwater stroke

5. Bend your elbow to 90 degrees

Areas that can limit your catch

  • Dropping lead arm

  • Arm timing

  • cross over on entry and catch

  • arms windmilling

  • Head low

  • looking forwards too much

  • Pulling too fast in the catch

  • Slipping water

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