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How to maintain your front crawl speed and turn around buoys more effectively in open water?

Open Water Swim Techniques for turning around open water swimming buoys effectively

Do you feel like you lose your way a bit when turning around swim buoys in open water, or when you're racing, are you filled with dread at the thought of being punched and kicked just as you’re about to breathe?

Try swimming slightly wider around the buoy away from the ‘corner’ where everyone tends to congregate. Practice turning around the ‘T’ at the end of the lane in the pool first, then progress to open water. You’ll need to sight straight after your turn to re-align with your navigation point ahead quickly.

Practice doing ‘Crazy Ivan’ turnarounds in open water where you turn through 360 degrees. Keep your strokes short and in the direction of your turn, keep kicking, and arc your body around the buoy. Over emphasising the turn like this, makes it easier in a race, and is fun too!

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