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How much effort would you estimate you could save swimming in open water by drafting efficiently?

You could between 18-25% of your energy, which can equal up to 70 seconds over 1500m, or 3 minutes over 3.8km! Which is a lot!!!

By swimming in someone’s wake who is slightly faster than you, you’ll save quite a bit of your energy in open water, enabling you to swim faster than you would normally. Practising swimming in close proximity to others will ensure you get used to this feeling.

Learn how to do this more effectively, and how to become more used to swimming in close proximity to other swimmers

Nick is an STA Nowca Open water swim coach, British Triathlon level 3 coach, and Training Peaks level 2 accredited coach. He has over 17 years experience of teaching open water swimming. he can help all levels of open water swimmers, from beginner to advanced levels.

In each open water session, he'll take you through a progressive range of skills, drills and techniques specific to you and your particular skill set.

Here is a link to my website with a bit more information on open water lessons

Surrey Quay Mychett Lake 1-2-1 Open water swimming lesson bookings are now available from the end of April 2023!! Book now don't miss out!

Please email Nick to check there is a time slot available first before booking here:

We also do 1-2-1 Open water swimming lessons in the Solent at Hayling Island beaches during the summer months, for more info follow this link:

Find out more here and how to book :


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