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Dream believe achieve! What inspired your triathlon journey to start?

Dream believe achieve! Your triathlon or open water swim starts with an idea, something that inspired you to do better, to become better, to learn more, to challenge yourself, to add a spiritual connection to your training, to move more, to become a fitter and healthier individual. To start something new and different, to have your own goals and focus, to be in control of something, to have an adventure, to embrace your spirit, to find out who you are and what you're made of, and what you can actually achieve and more.

I got started in triathlon from watching world sports special on ITV, seeing the escape from Alcatraz triathlon. It inspired me, it looked adventurous, challenging and difficult, yet lots of fun!

What has improved you to do an event, and find out more about yourself, what you're capable of, and find out the depths of your soul and how far you can go, or push yourself to achieve more?

Let us help you achieve the realisation of your dream with one of our structured triathlon group coaching plans


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