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Do you want to learn how to develop an effortless front crawl technique?

Join our Speedy Swim Intermediate level Squad Sessions every Tuesday at 8.30pm, held at Aldershot 50m indoor pool. ONLY 4 places remaining, sign up fast or they'll all be gone!! In this schedule we'll break down your front crawl stroke into manageable chunks and put it back together with improved technique! These sessions are for intermediate swimmers who can swim in the speed range of 1:30 minutes to 2:15 minutes pace per 100 metres. In our Squad Technique Sessions, you'll learn: • Drills to improve your streamlining and reduce your resistance • Swim faster without a loss of technique • Improve your feel for the water with an enhanced catch and pull phase • Improve your kicking technique • A higher body position • Improve your stroke rate and rotation • Achieve a more balanced swim stroke • We also organise regular T paced threshold based swim fitness tests (optional) for you to assess your performance and tracks your improvements. Book your place while you still can #sellingout #dontmissout Find out more here and how to book your trial place >>>> Sign up to our monthly subscription: Video of Haydn Woolley of Futuredreams ex itu triathlete 1500m in 15:45 and former ironman swim record holder at 43:30


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