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Do you want to reduce your average front crawl 100 metre pace by up to 10 seconds or more this summe

We're super excited to soon be returning to Guildford Lido from 1st May 2019!!

We're already taking bookings!!! Take advantage whilst you still can, places go fast!

Whether you're looking to enhance your freestyle or completely new to front crawl. We'll teach you all the skills and drills specific to your swim level to help you achieve and develop all aspects of your front crawl.

What to expect:

We offer 1-2-1 private swimming lessons as well as 2-2-1 and 3-2-1 coaching

With Speedy Swimming Coaching you'll learn how to swim more efficiently using our 10 phase swim skills and drills series. We'll help you:

• Increase your distance per stroke to push more water behind you • Enhance your feel for the water improving your catch and pull phases • Learn how to use a high and earlier vertical forearm for greater efficiency • Understand how to kick effectively from your hips so you’re not wasting energy • Breathing techniques to help you relax and reduce a feeling of panic in the water • Better pacing control and awareness from structured swim sessions using a tempo trainer and personal pacing zones • Learn new tips and techniques in each session

Each session lasts for one hour and will include a 5-minute warm up and a coach analysis of your front crawl stroke technique above and underwater.

This will be followed by teaching you the skills and drills of front crawl swimming as required and bespoke to your own personal skill set.

Choose from a single lesson, blocks of 5 or 10, or a monthly subscription of 2, 4 or 8 sessions a month.

Your personalised swim drills will be provided afterwards by email

Book your lessons here:

Nick is a level 3 British Triathlon Coach, STA level 2 swim teacher, Level 1 Training Peaks coach, and Training Bible coaching Master endurance coach with 25 years’ experience in triathlon, founder and Head Coach for Speedy Swimming.

If you'd like to find out more, email Nick: or call 07958 635142

In the next few weeks we'll be writing blogs for you on the following topics:

  1. How to utilise pacing control and awareness swim sets for faster race times

  2. Open water skills and drills to do in the pool

  3. Pacing and fitness tests using a tempo trainer to reduce your average pace per 100 metres

  4. Why maintaining a positive palm pitch is important for front crawl swimming

  5. 6 key swim sessions to improve your speed and pacing

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