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Do you struggle with one or more of the following common front crawl faults?

If so, a Swim Video Analysis session is an excellent method of visually seeing and correcting your technique.

Do you feel like you're doing any of the following?

• Legs too low or scissor kicking • Breathing and not getting enough air in • Over rotating and feeling unbalanced in the water • Missing the catch and feel for the water • Hips feel low and head too high • A short choppy stroke • Putting in lots of effort for not enough gain • When just kicking you may not go very far, or actually go backwards

These are just some of the aspects that might be holding you back.

At Speedy Swimming we are passionate about helping triathletes and master’s swimmers to become technically better at front crawl.

To book your Discovery Swim Video Analysis lesson and to correct your swim stroke click here:

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