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10 Physiological Reasons For Improving Your Base Aerobic Fitness Over The Winter Months!

Here are the physiological adaptations from training aerobically in zones 1:

Zone 1 Improvements: Up to 65% max heart rate

1. Lung capacity and breathing frequency improve 2. Stroke volume of heart increases 3. Cardiac output increases 4. Heart size increases 5. Plasma volume expands 6. Blood flow distribution (shunting) improved 7. Heart rate decreases (average) 8. Inspiratory muscle oxygen cost reduced 9. Systolic blood pressure reduced 10. Capillary density increased

Quite surprising aren't they? If you need more of an explanation and how they actually relate to improving your fitness then please get in touch:

Building your aerobic engine and improving your fuel utilisation and fat burning efficiency, as well as strengthening your ligaments and tendons from base training is critical to your success in the next year!

Are you interested in finding the right training approach that suits you and your work / life / training balance schedule?

We offer a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss your goals and training requirements.

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