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Beginners Swim Tips for Learning to Breathe Better!

Beginners Swim Tips for Learning to Breathe Better!

Is your goal to complete a sprint triathlon next summer, swim in a comfortable and relaxed way, do some open water swimming, swim in the sea or swim for enjoyment and fitness?

Learning to breathe efficiently and effectively for front crawl is a combination of the following factors. Master these and you will be swimming in a much more relaxed manner, breathing easier, with your arms and legs moving in an alternating and continuous motion.


1. Breathing - easy and relaxed exhale / inhale 2. Leg action - effective kick and relaxation 3. Arms action - correct technique using the water better 4. Body position - a correct streamlined body position 5. Timing - synchronising your arm action for a more robotic stroke

We have the swim drills, coaching expertise and resources to make you into a faster and more efficient swimmer. Are you ready to join us?

Take the first step to improve your front crawl with swim video analysis in the endless pool.

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