Do you have a cross over on entry to your front crawl stroke or are you over reaching?

June 15, 2018



Do you have a cross over on entry to your front crawl stroke or are over reaching?


Or maybe you have another entry fault in your stroke?


Then try this drill to help correct it:


Touch head touch shoulder drill


Aim: Correct hand entry placement




Prior to entering your hand in the water, touch head then your shoulder then put your hand

in just past your forehead.




This drill helps stops / limit a cross over on entry of your stroke, and gives you an enhanced awareness of your recovering arm. It also helps with straightening your lead arm into a longer more efficient glide setting you up better for the catch phase.


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If you need to improve your entry phase for front crawl and found this post of interest and useful then please get in touch. We'd love to help you on your swimming journey and to achieve your swimming and triathlon goals!


Or email Nick on or call on 07958635142



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