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ONLY 2 PLACES REMAINING on our weekly Squad Sessions

NEW SQUAD TRAINING SCHEDULE starts Tuesday 10TH July 2018 at Guildford Lido.


  • Participants will improve their stamina, endurance, speed and technique for front crawl

  • Learn new tips and techniques in each session

  • Reduce stroke count by up to 10%

  • Better pacing control and awareness from structured swim sessions

  • Understand interval training and rest periods for maximum results

  • Group sessions can really help when it comes to staying motivated to achieve your fitness goals

  • The team dynamic will have you truly trying your best, which means you'll get more out of the experience, get fitter faster and reach new Pb’s

  • Above all, you'll have great fun!

These swim sessions at Guildford Lido are ideal for triathletes and masters swimmers looking to improve their front crawl technique speed, endurance and power.

The next block of 10 weeks would follow the same session format, being swim bands first, followed by the warm up, then technique drills, and intervals, and work on the 4 week rolling cycle of easy, medium, hard and then recovery / testing weeks.

Each week the sessions would all be progressive and different, so no 2 sessions will be the same, plus your swim entry into the lido is included!

Book your place here now while you still can!

Each week you'll learn new techniques for front crawl and open water swimming skills, and different structured and progressive swim interval sets!

Sign up below:

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