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Transform your front crawl swimming with our Guildford Lido Squad Sessions! ONLY 5 PLACES LEFT!

Guildford Lido Squad Sessions ONLY 5 places remaining now!

What are your swimming and triathlon goals in the next few months?

We''ll give you the very best level of triathlon swimming coaching you can find and help make you a speedier swimmer in the process!

Would you love to be coached by a coach who has real interest in helping you improve and become a speedier swimmer and has all of the following information at their fingertips when

coaching you?

• Understands your pacing across all distances you need • Knows all your personal best splits • Has extensive coaching experience of open water skills and drills • Knows when all your races are and how important they are • Corrects you on your technique and pacing in every session • Teaches you about stroke biomechanics for an improved catch phase in every session out of the water

Our Speedy Swim coach will track your performance, improve your swim technique, give you stroke corrections, personal swim drills and help you to become a faster, more efficient and speedier swimmer! Each week you'll focus on a different aspect of front crawl technique.

Do you want regular fitness testing, personal pacing zones, and technique drills to improve you front crawl?

Starting Tuesday 1st May 2018 at 7.00pm - 10 and 20 week blocks available.

If you do then Sign up to Speedy Swimming Squad Session to improve your front crawl:

Images courtesy of Finis

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