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Only ten weeks until the lakes open for open water swimming!

In terms of open water skills and drills there is actually quite a lot you can do pre open water season.

  1. Sighting

  2. Drafting on feet and hips

  3. Power drafting

  4. Turnarounds

  5. Eyes closed swimming

  6. Disorientation training e.g. somersaults and barrel-rolls mid lane

  7. Deep water starts

  8. Mass starts

  9. Pace line drafting

  10. Individual pursuits time trials

In the meantime the below swim sessions are an example of what you could be doing to get the biggest return in the next couple of months.

Be warned though, as some of these are very tough, and should only be completed if you're in the correct level of fitness and have successfully completed and base 1,2, and 3 phases, and are in the build phase of training for muscular strength specific training sessions.

We accept no responsibility for your own fitness level and should you take part in these sessions you do at your own risk.

If you're not sure then get in touch here...

Sample main set sessions

1. Reducing recovery sets

20x50 metres front crawl in blocks of 5x4 (rest 20, 15,10, 5 seconds) holding same pace and splits at 80-85% effort

2. Pacing awareness and control

20x100 metres at carying intensities and pacing 30 rest. So in 4 blocks of 5x100 metres do 100 metres FC on






3. Negative split sets

e.g 3x 500 metres FC (1st 250m at 75%, 2nd 250m at 85%) 30 rest

4. Muscular endurance

e.g. 4x400 metres all on 40 rest front crawl as

400m TT

4x100 m

400m TT


Your anaerobic and lactate system development takes 6-8 weeks so if you have a sprint triathlon in May / June bear this in mind.

If you would like some more feedback, accountability, monitoring, structured sessions and coach input then maybe a coaching or training plan would be a better option for you. Or see our sister coaching site for more online coaching information.

For more info on our ranges of Training Peaks plans for all types of swim and triathlon distances please see the link below. Or check out the following online triathlon training plans we have designed and developed by clicking on the links below:

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