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Faulty Front Crawl technique series: Video 2 Straight arm catch and over rotation

Do you swim like the swimmer on the left... but want to swim like the one on the right with more power and finesse?

Faulty Front Crawl technique series: Video 2

This is a Dual view showing Martin over rotating and his lead arm dropping, and hips falling.

In the left hand video there is over rotation of the hips and for breathing, the head is rolling and turning to breath, causing the hips to drop and body to feel unbalanced. There's also a straight arm catch and pull phase underwater, causing a missing of the catch and pull phases, and a slight scissor kicking of the legs.

Haydn, swimming on the right has near perfect rotation, catch, pull and push phases of front crawl, with a long stroke, maximising how far he travels on each stroke.

Stroke Correction

Roll from the hips 45-60 degrees each side, keep the head still so the body rolls on a long axis from head to feet. Aim to achieve an early vertical forearm position of 90 degrees in the catch phase of the stroke to gain a better purchase on the water. Keep your feet closer together.

Swim Drills:

Bodyroll 45 degrees Single goggle eye breathing Swim on shoulder Reach over a barrel Single arm unco (passive arm by side)

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