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Do you find your arms are dragging water on the recovery phase of front crawl?

Do you find your arms are dragging water on the recovery phase of front crawl?

This can cause fatigue, a shortening of your stroke and disrupt the recovery and also entry phase!

All of which are undesirable for an efficient technique.

The shark fin swim drill is excellent at helping correct this swim fault:

While kicking in the side position, lift your elbow firmly but slowly to it's apex. Then slide the fingers back down your side.

Do this twice before rotating to breath.

When lifting your elbow, it should not drop back behind you aims to teach correct recovery technique - a high bent elbow, with relaxed wrist.

This drill is very similar to six kick, but focuses mainly on the recovery. It also teaches correct stroke timing - your lead-arm must not start pulling until your shoulders rotate to flat, and even then you need to press out as well before pulling.

Note how the thumb angle rotates down for the catch. It aims to teach you the correct recovery technique, and to maintain this technique when adding a stroke.

Sign up for some 1-2-1 pool based lessons before #christmas and start the new year with a new revitalised front crawl stroke and improved technique!

Front crawl lessons are designed to supplement your current club sessions and integrate your new swim drills to enhance your technique. We can work alongside your club coach if needed.

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