Swim Prehab exercise series 2: Side plank with shoulder external rotation

January 18, 2018

Swim Prehab exercise series 2: Side plank with shoulder external rotation



Being balanced in the water and in front crawl is inherently important for maintain your body position and staying streamlined. By balance we mean a high body position, without your arm or hip dropping during the stroke. It will also You'll be targeting your oblique’s and rotator cuff muscles, specifically the infraspinatus muscle under your shoulder blade.


With your feet stacked one in front of the other, straight legs and your body in line from ankles, through your knees, hips, and to the shoulders, and your head in line also. Leaning on your forearm, which is placed at 90 degrees to the shoulder. You'll need a light dumb bell, as this targets small muscle groups. Your top arm is bent to 90 degrees at the elbow, which is held throughout the movement at your ribs.


Lift your hips and trunk off the floor and hold this alignment. With the arm holding the dumb bell, maintain a 90 degree bend, and externally rotate your arm as shown in the video. Perform 12-20 repetitions per side for 2 sets at a tempo of 3/1/3.

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