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We're excited to announce the return of our Front Crawl Swim Technique Video Analysis Clinic

We're excited to announce the return of our Front Crawl Swim Technique Video Analysis Clinic for intermediates!

Held at Cranleigh School, Surrey on Sunday 14th January 2018. 9am to 5pm.

Do you want or need to add more speed, power and stamina to your front crawl? Learn how to improve your technique, pacing, reduce your stroke count by up to 10%, and your stroke efficiency (SWOLF score)

If you can you swim 6 x 100 metres front crawl in the range of 1:30 to 2:15 pace per 100 metres and would love to have a swim analysis clinic for a Christmas present?

Or maybe you know someone who would benefit who is a triathlete or masters swimmer..?

Then you'll fit right in with our Intermediate level swim video analysis clinic held at Cranleigh School on Sunday 14th January 2018

What you'll learn in our practical pool sessions:

• How to harness the pull phase of front crawl to swim faster for no more effort • Monitoring and recording of your stroke, stroke count, stroke rate and technique • Swolf and swim efficiency sets • Pacing control and awareness swim sessions • Practice your own personalised swim drills and stroke corrections • How to improve your distance per stroke • How to push more water behind you to go faster for no more effort • Understand the power phases underwater in front crawl and when to apply them • Improve your kicking, breathing and body position fundamentals

Speedy Swimming front crawl intermediate level swim analysis clinic

Learn how to control your pacing, reduce drag, become more streamlined, build your fitness, and become a Speedier Swimmer!

If you're looking to transform your front crawl in a group setting, then this is the perfect event for you.

This year we will be partnering with TRIBAL Multi-sport performance.

Your coaches will be Nick de Meyer from Speedy Swimming and Paul Roberts from Tribal MSP Coaching.

Click the link to find out more and to book your place:

Book now to avoid any disappointment and give the gift of being able to swim better!

You can also either forward onto the relevant person buying or sign up for someone by clicking the link below:

Or visit our website for more information:

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