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Discover the benefits of having endless pool swim lessons!

Discover the benefits of having Endless Pool 1-2-1 swim lessons with video analysis and we'll have you improving faster than you could imagine! Learn how to swim more efficiently using our 6 phase swim skills and drills series: 1. Increase your distance per stroke to push more water behind you 2. Enhance your feel for the water improving your catch and pull phases 3. Learn about using a high and earlier vertical forearm for greater efficiency 4. Understand how to kick effectively from your hips so you’re not wasting energy 5. Breathing techniques to help you relax and reduce any feeling of panic 6. Better pacing control and awareness from structured swim sessions

Learn new tips and techniques in each session!

Book your swim video analysis below and find out what's been holding you back from being the best you can be! 

Endless pool based in Chertsey Surrey. 

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