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Are you struggling with your body position and breathing technique for front crawl?

Are you struggling with your body position and breathing technique for front crawl?

If you over rotate your head to breath, like the swimmer in this video, then your lead arm drops affecting your balance, and then your legs will compensate by doing a scissor kick action. This also causes you to miss the vital catch phase of front crawl.

Front Crawl Faulty technique series: Crossing over the mid-line of the body.

In this video you can see the swimmer is crossing over the mid-line of their body in the catch and pull phases. This will be causing a snaking action in the body and a scissor kick motion with the legs, as these extra movements try o counter the initial cross over.

As Newtons 3rd law states: "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"

This is very true here.

You can see the body trying to counter the motion from crossing over under the chest.

Stroke Correction

Pinch the shoulder blades closer together swim with the hands a bit wider so they track more from the shoulder joint to the hip and then thigh to exit.

Swim Drills:

  1. Wide entry

  2. Pull on a rope

  3. Long doggie paddle

  4. Single arm fist with pull buoy

  5. Sculling window wipers

We have been helping beginners to learn front crawl body position fundamentals in the Endless Pool in Chertsey Surrey with huge improvements in confidence and technique. Recently we've helped a client who could only swim a few strokes 8 weeks ago to be able to swim 200 metres! Would you like to do that as well? Areas to improve:

  • Analysing stroke rate

  • Better balance in the water

  • Kicking less and more efficiently

  • Improving body position

  • Better rhythm and timing of your arm stroke

  • Reducing resistance and drag

  • Breathing technique and confidence

  • Even body roll

Learn how to improve your breathing, reduce drag, kick more efficiently and use less energy to go faster and further on each stroke in our Intermediate Level Swim Video Analysis Clinic

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You should be able to swim 100 metres between 1 minute 30 seconds and 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

Book your place now to avoid disappointment!

Alternatively, if you'd like to learn how to correct this before then, sign up to a 1-2-1 Pool Lesson, or an Endless Pool Session with video analysis.

For more information and how to book:

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