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Level 1 Intro to Open Water Swimming Clinic 11th and 18th September 2023

Level 1 Intro to Open Water Swim Clinic

Quay Swim Lake Mychett Coleford Bridge road

This course is suitable for triathletes and swimmers who want to overcome their fears in open water, build confidence, as well as learn how to sight, navigate and swim in a straight line. It will also cover drafting techniques to save you time and energy, and how to complete mass starts competently and effectively.

Open water swimming on Mondays from 530pm - 630pm

2 dates for Booking:

 Monday 11th September 2023 1730 to 1830 Monday 18th September 2023 1730 to 1830

Arrive from 5pm to be ready in the water for 530pm sharp.

Level I: Intro to Open Water Swimming

We will teach you lots of tips and tricks learnt from 20 years of training, competing and coaching triathlons and open water swimming.

This session will last for approximately 60 minutes including classroom theory followed by a practical open water coaching session. Please make sure you arrive promptly with your wetsuit on.

The theory and practical will cover basics as outlined below as well as splitting you into groups based on your swim pacing, skill set and experience.


  • Choosing the right goggles and fitting for open water

  • Body glide - where to apply and why

  • Wetsuit fitting techniques

  • Relaxing in the water - sports psychology interventions and mantras

  • Sighting and breathing techniques for open water

  • Safety in open water for swimming and positioning / warding techniques

  • Entering the water in a lake to acclimatise to the cold

  • Overcoming fears and anxieties in group swimming

  • Practising close proximity swimming

  • Mass open water starts practice

  • Drafting methods and positioning in a group

  • Turns around buoys and positioning before reaching them

Practical Session

  • Safety - i.e. arm in the air, water safety cover etc

  • Colour swim caps

  • Partner up

  • Wetsuit fit

  • Goggles fit

  • Entry to water

  • Relaxed breathing controlling and quieting your mind

  • Breathing moving to first buoy

  • Double sighting from bank/jetty and in the water

  • Drafting with partner to next buoy

  • Tapping feet and close proximity with partner

  • Turns around sets of buoys

  • One loop of rectangle to practice everything in group

The aim of the day is to leave the Quay Swim Mychett open water swimming Lake a more confident and skilful open water swimmer!

Please complete a swim time trial of 400 metres in the week prior to attending the open water swimming course. Please email your time to


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