You're invited to Open Water Sea Swimming Coaching 1-2-1 lessons to improve your open water skil

We would like to offer you 1-2-1 private open water sea swimming coaching lessons. (wetsuits advised)

Where? Southsea Beach, Portsmouth Esplanade, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

What's included in our Open Water Sea Swim Coaching Lessons?

In each open water session we'll take you through a progressive range of skills, drills and techniques to help you:

  1. Pacing for Open Water Swim Racing and Triathlon

  2. Top tips and techniques for sea swimming

  3. Paceline drafting techniques and practice

  4. Sighting and navigation in swell

  5. Learning and understanding how to deal with tides, currents and drifting

  6. Safety in open water especially rivers and the sea

  7. Wading and dolphining techniques for a fast sea swim entry

  8. Transition T1 - preparation, the layout of transition, kit list and wet suit

  9. ​Mass starts types and practice

  10. Beach starts and exits

  11. Sighting and navigation in lakes, rivers and the sea

  12. Drafting off the feet and hips to gain up to 25% time savings

  13. Close proximity swimming for race practice in a controlled safe environment

  14. Effective methods for navigating and turning around swim buoys

  15. Acclimatisation and entry methods into the water colder i.e below 16 degrees

  16. Methods to teach you how to relax and stay calm and build confidence in open water


These sessions are for all levels of swimmers, triathletes and masters, who can swim a minimum of 200 metres comfortably in open water:

  1. Triathletes - sprint to Ironman distance and beyond

  2. Open water swimmers looking to improve their sea swimming skills and experience

  3. To those wanting to improve their open water skills and techniques from 750m to 14km swims.

Just because there's no events or races on the horizon doesn't mean you can't be working on open water skills, technique, stroke rate, navigation, turning around buoys, sighting, intervals and pacing!

Let us know what you've been up to in your swims, hopefully not just swimming or doing base us at

What drills and techniques are you putting into your open water swims to keep them interesting fun and practical?

What's your purpose in your open water swim sessions?

Pacing intervals are totally worthwhile in open water for improving your swim speed. We'll show you how to adjust your speed, stroke rate, kicking tempo, and measure distance so you can do some structured interval training.

How would that all sound?

To find out more and how to book click on the link:

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We hope you can make it.


Nick de Meyer -

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