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7 steps to learning to breathe better for front crawl

7 Simple drills to learn how to breathe better for front crawl!

Have you ever wondered how you can manage to swim faster with less effort?

Perhaps you struggle with some of the following front crawl breathing faults?

1. Lead arm dropping = affects balance 2. Legs not kicking straight from the hips = increased drag 3. A short exhale and a late breathe out = increased co2 4. Rotating from head and shoulders not the hips = extra drag 5. Timing out of synch for arms = arms windmilling 6. Legs and hips too low = increased resistance 7. Lifting head up to breathe = sinking in water

Below are some great drills to help you improve your front crawl:

1. Swim with ear placed on shoulder 2. Kicking with legs straight 3. Fully exhaling 80% out through mouth and nose using your diaphragm 4. Bodyroll 45 degrees long axis rotation each side core driven from hips 5. Glide 1000 and 3/4 catch up 6. Press T - i.e. press your sternum into the water 7. 1 Goggle eye breathing

If you'd like to learn what's holding back your front crawl, then our swim video analysis is an excellent method of visually seeing and correcting your technique.

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