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Ever wondered how to improve your front crawl out of the water?

Using swim bands for focusing on improving your swim strength and catch phase bio mechanics can really help you achieve an Early Vertical Forearm position!

Utilising the early catch and high elbow is a tricky concept to grasp and then transfer into your stroke mechanics. It will effectively help you to pull more water through and past you as you swim, and therefore increase your distance per stroke and hence speed without wasting energy by slipping in the water.

Imagine pulling yourself over an imaginary barrel, and the higher your elbow and upper arm the more water you travel over. Try getting out of the pool with your arms straight (impossible) compared to having your elbows bent to about 90 degrees (much easier).

You'll feel your swimming muscles firing and working better without having to think about your breathing and body position fundamentals like you would in the water. This means you can actually focus more on the dynamics of the front crawl stroke.

You'll muscles will be working very differently, and targeting the specific areas and imbalances needed to improve strength and swim faster!


Watch this video on holding and achieving a high and early vertical forearm position

Try this set: Power Stroke Swim Bands

4× 30 secs High elbow full pulls both arms

2x 30 secs high elbow full pulls singles

4 x 30 second focusing on Early Vertical Forearm

After each 30 seconds of paddling take 30 second rests

You can also use them if you're not able to get to the pool for a session too.

Note: The recovery phase isn't over your head with swim bands as this places too much pressure on your shoulders. Instead track your hand and arm in reverse back to the start position.

What do you need to focus on to help improve your front crawl speed and technique?

For more info contact Nick on or call him on 07958635142

We offer the following swim coaching services:

Swim Video Analysis and in the Endless Pool

Held at an endless pool in Chertsey, our swim video analysis sessions for adults, are a fantastic way to correct your technique and enable you to achieve your potential!

Swim Analysis Clinic on Sunday 9th December 2018 12-5pm

Learn what's been holding you back and how to improve all aspects of your front crawl technique!

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Improve your core strength, shoulder stability and rotational power using stroke cord bands, TRX training and the Rip Trainer.

Nick is a Level 3 British Triathlon Coach, Level 3 Personal Trainer, TRX Instructor, STA Level 2 Swim Teacher, Training Peaks Level 1 Coach and a Training Bible Coaching Master Endurance Coach

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