Speedy Swim Session of the week: Improving Rotation and T Pace control and awareness

This swim session will aim and seek to help you improve your rotation on a long axis for front crawl.

You'll then progress into working at your threshold swim pace or average 1500 metre race pace.

This should feel on a scale of 1-10 at an 8. You should be breathing hard and starting to produce lactic acid in your muscles but not too much.

Warm up

200 easy freestyle

200 pull buoy and paddles Bilateral breathing every 3 / 5 / 7 / 3 every 2nd 25 metres, so breathe 2/3/5/2/7/2/9/2 on each length

4 x 50 freestyle (25 fast + 25 easy) 10 rest

Improving rotation drills

• 2 x 50 fins (25 L unco + 25 freestyle + 25 R unco + 25 freestyle) 10 rest

Unco swim drill = Single arm passive arm by side (see video above)

1. Hold passive arm by your side and then focus on the stroke solely of the other arm

2. Breathe with Every pull on the arm stroking side, by rotating the body quickly but staying IN balance - there is no hip drop anywhere in this drill Focus on one arm at a time. AIMS to teach you to

3. Transfer Energy from the Pulling-arm to the Reaching arm, THROUGH a firm Body Roll

4. Your power therefore gets transferred through the efficient Side Position (minimum drag)

• 100m FC body roll 45 degrees long axis rotation 20 rest

• 100m FC barrel rolls 20 rest

• 100m FC touch back 20 rest

Main Set

5 x 100 at T-pace reducing rest (60, 50, 40, 30 rest ) (1st 2 x 100m with paddles and pull)

30” recovery.

100m FC Catch 3 with fins – 30 rest

See video link below on our youtube channel for a technical explanation

5 x 100 at T-pace increasing rest (30, 40, 50, 60 rest ) (1st 2 x 100m paddles)

Cool down

100 easy choice of stroke 100m FC ¾ catch up

Try this swim session, hold your pacing, let us know how you get on here at speedyswimming@gmail.com or if there is anything else we can help you with..

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